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Structural Health Monitoring

Sense, Acquire, and Constantly Monitor to maintain Structural Integrity throughout time

Aerospace & Defence

Worked with multiple wings of Indian Defense including Indian navy & air-force


Maintenance to end of assembly line testing . Plant energy monitoring to Industrial Automation. We have done it all!

Heavy Engineering

Have provided a wide range of systems including HMIs & PLC’s to further the industry.

Oil & Gas

Some of our biggest projects have been deployed in the oil & gas Industry.


We have a prolific past spanning more than a decade in space Industry.

Research & Development

We have been Instrumental for various R & D facilities, deploying various projects.


Why do people Test?

Testing plays an essential role throughout the entire product life cycle in research and development, qualification, manufacturing and operations. Testing is required to ensure the safety and efficacy of new materials, components and systems.

Types of Testing

We offer testing equipment, in accordance with international, global and industry specific standards, or client specifications, for clients in quality and risk sensitive industries, including:

End of Line Testing
Electronic Testing
Electrical Testing