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Structural Health Monitoring

Sense, Acquire, and Constantly Monitor to maintain Structural Integrity throughout time

Aerospace & Defence

Worked with multiple wings of Indian Defense including Indian navy & air-force


Maintenance to end of assembly line testing . Plant energy monitoring to Industrial Automation. We have done it all!

Heavy Engineering

Have provided a wide range of systems including HMIs & PLC’s to further the industry.

Oil & Gas

Some of our biggest projects have been deployed in the oil & gas Industry.


We have a prolific past spanning more than a decade in space Industry.

Research & Development

We have been Instrumental for various R & D facilities, deploying various projects.



Whether you need to maintain optimum environments at your facility, monitor remote site conditions or assess your energy utilizations, Optimized Solutions will have a solution for you. Dataloggers, controllers and concentrators enabling remote transmission of data by multiple means, supporting widely used standard protocols such as Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, M-Bus, Wireless Modbus RTU, IoT protocols such as MQTT and file sending capabilities through FTP client/server architecture.

Asset Monitoring

Process Monitoring


Energy Monitoring