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Structural Health Monitoring

Sense, Acquire, and Constantly Monitor to maintain Structural Integrity throughout time

Aerospace & Defence

Worked with multiple wings of Indian Defense including Indian navy & air-force


Maintenance to end of assembly line testing . Plant energy monitoring to Industrial Automation. We have done it all!

Heavy Engineering

Have provided a wide range of systems including HMIs & PLC’s to further the industry.

Oil & Gas

Some of our biggest projects have been deployed in the oil & gas Industry.


We have a prolific past spanning more than a decade in space Industry.

Research & Development

We have been Instrumental for various R & D facilities, deploying various projects.

Aerospace & defence

The future of aerospace manufacturing process and plant solutions will be bought in with effective governance for the development of military equipment, production of space crafts and commercial military and private aircrafts.

We at Optimized Solutions, aim at providing the best solutions for all kinds of communication systems, advanced electronics and embedded development, automotive assembly systems and semiconductors that is a part of aerospace and defense. The vision of our R&D department will align with the increasing growth in the aero and defense sector with a spree.

Embedded Development

Aircraft Equipment Testing

Semiconductor assembly units

Fuse Testing

Fuse Testing

Read about our data acquisition system which simulates the conditions for a Missile Fuse Testing.

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CCD Analyzer

CCD Analyzer

Developing an integrated system to acquire data from all ports of a CCD detector simultaneously in different light conditions with highest precision possible.

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High Power Microwave Device Tester

High Power Microwave Device Tester

We developed multichannel automated test application software that can test many microware component simultaneously with defined instrument setting for the defined time interval.

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